Finding yourself

It is important to know who you are and what do you want to do in this life. Sometimes we spend our whole life chasing something that we don’t even want. When I was a child my goal in life use to change almost every month, but as a child, you are developing and your goal can change. Once you are grown up you need to follow exactly what you really want.

Don’t be led by society

You need to stop letting this society lead you. In order for you to be successful, the dream needs to be yours. The goal and objectives needs to be yours. Success belongs to leaders, yes there can be successful followers but they can’t ever reach the level of leaders. Leaders get remembered in the history. If you want to be remembered and leave a legacy then you must set your own goals and do your best to achieve them.

Be Free

Today’s capitalist culture is amazing to let people think that they are in control and free. In reality, we are not free. We are under the strict control of the marketers and researchers who work hard to guide us to what they want us to do. As an example, look at the fashion industry. We buy clothes that are “hit” in the market. We buy designer clothes and others as a status symbol. But we don’t realize that we like their design because they ran their marketing campaign in a way that we believe that we bought a product because we liked it. It is funny how we still think we are free when we wait for the new phone to arrive and we buy that phone, even if we can’t afford it. We are doing it just to have a new device, the latest model.

If we want to be successful we need to set our selves free.

Find our purpose

We need to find our purpose. We need to find out, what do we like? We don’t need to be a doctor, engineer or a best soccer/football player to make money and stay happy. We need to do what we like and master it. We must not give up. It is the most difficult thing to know what we like and what is our purpose. But once we do, success will be ours.

Most of the people can’t find their purpose because they restrict themselves in a boundary. They don’t try new things. They don’t take risks. If we don’t take risks, we will never know what we like. What is our true passion?

Take risks

Trust yourself and take risk. Risk must be calculated and based upon the best judgement. The risk must be taken rationally not emotionally. If you take the risk and fail then learn from the mistakes you made, and do it again.

Take risks, try your best and work hard. Life will throw curve balls but don’t give up. Learn and move forward.

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