We all want to be successful in life but many of us don’t even understand the meaning of success. We are influenced by others so much that we have confused the success for ourselves and as a result, we are not satisfied with anything in our lives. Depression in our lives is increasing which is becoming a leading cause for suicides.

What success means to you

Success is different for each person. If you like money then earning money can be a success for you, if you like fame then being famous can be a success for you, if you like religion then being religious can be a success for you.

Stop living life of others

The problem is, we don’t focus on ourselves and what we like. We focus on what others are doing and what they have in their lives. We want to have what others have, we want to live their lives rather than living our own lives and making our own goals. This is the major reason that we don’t ever get happy with ourselves and never really achieve success.

Our success

We need to define what success is for ourselves and for that we need to explore who we are and what we really want in life. We need to start living our own lives and set priorities according to what we want in our lives. Once we do that, our goals will become clear and we will understand what success is.

Being Successful and HappyI

If you really want to successful and happy then stop worrying about what others have and what others call success. Find out what you like and work hard to get it. Don’t ever give up. Keep trying.

Good Luck

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